Entry Guide


Eligibility Requirements
Project must be located in the Province of Saskatchewan. Project must be completed between July 1, 2012 and December 31, 2016, inclusive.

All building types are eligible for entry. Entries are pre-qualified by the Awards Committee prior to judging to ensure that the minimum criteria are met. A member of the committee may visit a project submitted to view workmanship and verify that the design is consistent with the submission. Projects may be entered into multiple categories.

Exhibition & Publication Conditions
Images submitted will be used in a variety of ways, including marketing publications, SMI websites, and exhibition at the awards gala. It is the responsibility of the entrant to obtain permission for their use from the photographer, owner, or any other interested party.

Inquiries & Submissions no later than April 30, 2017


Architectural Masonry Design Awards
In recognition of the quantity of masonry used within a project, overall project design and visual appeal.
There are four sub-categories:
A. Commercial
B. Educational (including Post Secondary)
C. Industrial
D. High-Rise (4 stories or more, including residential)

Structural Masonry Design Awards
In recognition of projects where masonry is the main structural element.
There are two sub-categories:
A. Loadbearing
B. Non Loadbearing

Residential Masonry Design Awards
In recognition of substantial masonry used and visual appeal in low-density residential construction projects. There are two sub-categories:
A. Single Family
B. Condos & Town Houses (3 stories or less)

Restoration / Renovation Masonry Design Awards
In recognition of masonry restoration projects.

Presidential Masonry Design Awards
All entries submitted to the Masonry Design Awards will be considered for this honour. SMI does not accept entries specific to this category.
In recognition of the project that best exemplifies the spirit of the design awards.


Submissions in all categories except Restoration will be evaluated based on quantity of masonry used, systems design, and aesthetic design.  The Restoration Masonry Design Award will be evaluated based on the project’s success in restoring original design, research undertaken, and success in overcoming challenges.

  Architectural Masonry Design Awards
  Quantity of Masonry:  34%
  Systems Design:  33%
  Aesthetic Design:  33%

Structural Masonry Design Award
  Quantity of Masonry:  45%
  Systems Design:  45%
  Aesthetic Design:  10%

Residential Masonry Design Awards
  Quantity of Masonry:  70%
  Aesthetic Design:  30%

Restoration / Renovation Masonry Design Award
  Integrity of Restoration:  60%
  Research Undertaken:  20%
  Challenges Overcome:  20%

Presidential Masonry Design Award
  All entries submitted in the design awards will be considered for this   honour.

Image Requirements

In order to provide judges adequate image quality and size for evaluation purposes and to meet minimum requirements for printing and exhibition purposes to celebrate and market the awards, images are to be submitted in the following format:

Digitally – .jpg, 300 dpi, colour, 4”x3” minimum original size*

*Digital images are mandatory, regardless of whether you enter online or by regular mail.

When submitting your entry, please submit digital images for each entry on disk or USB Drive separating each project submitted, projects must be clearly identified and the CD or USB Drive should be marked with your company name.  Should you be unable to provide digital photos, SMI has made available a professional photographer.  Please contact the SMI Office should you require these services.

For the best presentation of a project at the Masonry Design Awards Gala and in the Masonry Design Awards magazine, photos should be taken after the landscaping is completed, in good light, and with a good quality camera. Professional photography is encouraged.

Your images should adequately convey the project for judging purposes and include, for publication purposes, at least one good quality exterior image of the building (front view recommended) that communicates the use of masonry and one good quality image of masonry detailing, structural or aesthetic, as appropriate to the category entered.

If You Win

The following awards will be presented in each of the named categories and subcategories:

Award of Excellence Award of Merit Honourable Mention

For each award a plaque will be presented to the:

Architect or Designer
General Contractor or Home Builder
Masonry Contractor